👩🏻‍💻 Join the third evening live chat in the Red Zone, 7-8pm.

Continue asking your brilliant questions in the third special after-school live chat. Just log in and head to the CHAT page from 7pm!

The scientists signed up for the chat tonight include:

  • Changhong Jin who focuses on animal health, researching ways to detect mastitis in dairy cows 🐄
  • Greta Monacelli who uses numbers to scientifically describe human behaviour in a faster and more precise way 📇
  • Bhaskar Dhariyal who is a computer scientist who uses data from phones to analyse physical activities such as running 🤸‍♂️
  • Marcello Valente who is a bio-technician developing a sensor to detect dangerous mutations in living organisms 🦠
  • Ayesha Sharif who is a Physics researcher working to fuse very small sized particles (nanoparticles) to make them more conductive. ⚡️

Why not introduce your friends and family to the Scientists? You can even ask them to pose their own question about the scientists’ work and interests, or about science and engineering…

How to join the evening chat

  • Log in to the Red Zone as usual
  • Click the CHAT icon
  • Start asking your questions!

See you tonight!

ModAlex and the Red Zone team

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