• Question: Have you watched The Big Bang Theory

    Asked by CormacW on 4 Nov 2020.
    • Photo: Cathal Ryan

      Cathal Ryan answered on 4 Nov 2020:

      Yes and i love it. I think it was part of the reason why i got into science in college because of how they portrayed it in that show

    • Photo: Liudmila Khokhlova

      Liudmila Khokhlova answered on 4 Nov 2020:

      Yes and well… some things were indeed familiar. Apart from science work, I also share hobbies with the Big Bang Theory characters, such as board games, sci-fi shows and even dressing up as characters from sci-fi shows 🙂

    • Photo: Mohammed Taj-Eldin

      Mohammed Taj-Eldin answered on 4 Nov 2020:

      Yes, it is so funny! I like it, it is true to some extent.

    • Photo: Rajannya Sen

      Rajannya Sen answered on 4 Nov 2020:

      Oh yes! That is one of my favorite shows. I have watched it more than a couple of times now.

    • Photo: Susan Rea

      Susan Rea answered on 5 Nov 2020:


    • Photo: Danny Hnatyshin

      Danny Hnatyshin answered on 8 Nov 2020:

      I watched the first half of the seasons, I thought those were the funniest ones!