• Question: How does climate change affect the world How can we stop it

    Asked by grew49dug on 27 Nov 2020.
    • Photo: Malgorzata Dabrowska

      Malgorzata Dabrowska answered on 27 Nov 2020:

      Hello grew49dug,

      It is changing so many things, the list is enormously long. But things that you can notice: we don’t have distinguished seasons any more, seasons are shifted, winter doesn’t look like winter, summer is warmer and warmer every year, in many places in Europe only, during summer shortage of water is happening, we have more natural cataclysms, some animals going to extinct because of weather changes they are loosing their natural habitat, and so on…. We can’t really stop it any more for now, because of many economic reasons, which is making me very upset to be honest. We can make it slower and maybe in a future stop it. The fact is that the biggest amount of pollution is produced by big companies, so they should run under way more restricted laws. Countries are creating laws for companies, and it’s a risky move to change it, because if company can’t produce something here, will switch to another country. Politicians have to be very smart about it and work more globally and creating same laws for all countries etc. But it’s all easier said than done. With new regulations products will be more expensive. Not everyone will be able to afford it. Poverty can grow… As you see it is all very very complicated and looks like doesn’t depend on us. But apparently we have some power! Cleaning after yourself, not leaving rubbish in the nature or on the street, turn off the light in a room you are not sitting in currently or taking a quick shower to reduce water usage is something that everyone knows and should do. But something what is less basic: when you are buying products check from where they are coming from. Try to buy local products, so they were not transported from far away and the emission is lover. Check from which materials products you are buying are made. Are they reusable? Are they maybe strong so you can use them for a longer time? Are they natural? By smart shopping you are also giving signals to companies, what is worth to produce and what people don’t want. In my country for example people reduced buying eggs number 3, because it’s the cruellest way of keeping the animals for eggs, they are only suffering for the whole life. After some time (few years) 3 very big companies (like Lidl) stopped selling eggs number 3 completely! They said they see what customers want, and they got the message. Less suffer for animals, customers are getting more quality product, and they like the shop for doing this initiative. So they will come back to this shop, because it’s a “friendly” store. Everyone seems to be happy! This is our way to help. Make good choices every day.