• Question: What are your thoughts on the new COVID vaccine?

    Asked by Mia on 16 Nov 2020. This question was also asked by news49rad, KatieM, Brid, mass49dug, daws49veg.
    • Photo: Marcello Valente

      Marcello Valente answered on 16 Nov 2020:

      Dear Mia,
      it came quite fast compared to other sickness in the past, let’s hope there won’t be any speculation

    • Photo: Danny Hnatyshin

      Danny Hnatyshin answered on 16 Nov 2020:

      I think the early news is encouraging! However, its important manage expectations, since things can still change as more tests are done. Even best case scenario it will be close to a year before I would expect enough people are vaccinated for herd immunity.

      But I am not expert! Just my understanding!

    • Photo: Lara Codeca

      Lara Codeca answered on 17 Nov 2020:

      Hello Mia,

      as Marcello said, it was a swift process compared to other vaccines.
      I’m all in for a vaccine, and I would be in line to support them if they need me as one more data point. Nonetheless, I hope no one cut corners and that if something goes wrong, they would own it and change course.

    • Photo: Malgorzata Dabrowska

      Malgorzata Dabrowska answered on 17 Nov 2020:

      Hi Mia,

      It is a hard topic in general. It is positive, that so many people are working on the vaccine and that we have some first good news about it. On the other hand, this vaccine has to be invented in such a short time, that possibility of some side effects is still high. It is truly hard to give one final answer. I’m trying to stay positive for now and keep my fingers crossed that it’ll all finish soon and well.

    • Photo: Liudmila Khokhlova

      Liudmila Khokhlova answered on 27 Nov 2020:

      Hi Mia,
      I am supporting vaccination in general.
      While COVID vaccines were done unusually fast, they were not built from scratch, some research was already done on related coronaviruses, that caused outbreaks before: SARS (2002) and MERS (2014). The new vaccines do not differ that much. Also, this times vaccine developers haven’t had any problems with obtaining resources or recruiting volunteers. Controlling agencies such as FDA had given the first priority to the new vaccine approvals, so no usual waiting times. Amazing how things can be done if everyone’s willing to help. Indeed, some very rare side effects might be missed or long term side effects. But in my opinion, benefits outweigh the risks.