• Question: What is the favourite part about your job

    Asked by busy49dug to Danny, Aisling, Liudmila, Malgorzata on 7 Nov 2020. This question was also asked by ccookies, EMINEM, BláithínQ.
    • Photo: Danny Hnatyshin

      Danny Hnatyshin answered on 7 Nov 2020:

      My favorite part of my job is that it is never boring since I do some many different things and work with so many different types of people. As a geologist I get to spend time outside collecting samples throughout the world. I bring these samples to a laboratory where I get to work in a chemistry lab and look at the rocks under a microscope. I then use special equipment, like a mass spectrometer, to analyze samples to determine characteristics of the rock, like how old it is. I also get opportunities to teach students and interact with the public. So never boring!