• Question: What is the likely hood of a 12 year old betting really sick over Covid 19

    Asked by sure49dap on 26 Nov 2020.
    • Photo: Marcello Valente

      Marcello Valente answered on 26 Nov 2020:

      Dear Sure49dap,
      unless immunodepress or immunocopromise, the new and shiny lungs of a 12 child are quite safe against COVID-19, the problem is that the child can go around sick and infect old people who are far more sensible.

    • Photo: Danny Hnatyshin

      Danny Hnatyshin answered on 26 Nov 2020:

      Younger people are far less likely to get really sick, not impossible just rare compared to older people. As marcello says the bigger risk is that younger healthy people can still spread it to vulnerable people.