• Question: Who or what inspired you to do what you’re doing right now

    Asked by zacmorgan1on13@tiktok on 5 Nov 2020. This question was also asked by kaelym tyrrell, hunt49the, read49dug, UwU, Louis G.
    • Photo: Bhaskar Dhariyal

      Bhaskar Dhariyal answered on 5 Nov 2020:

      A senior, who earlier graduated from university. He exposed me to world of artificial intelligence. Since, I’m comfortable with mathematics and science it became an easy choice to pursue.

    • Photo: Susan Rea

      Susan Rea answered on 5 Nov 2020:

      I like physics and maths in school so engineering was good choice for me when I was deciding on what to after school.

    • Photo: Liudmila Khokhlova

      Liudmila Khokhlova answered on 5 Nov 2020:

      I would say sci-fi movies and books inspired me to go into science in general. But I discovered my current interest in knees and movement when I was involved in a robotic competition. My team was supposed to program a humanoid robot to go through obstacle course. I was responsible for teaching the robot how to walk. And it is amazingly complicated and when we, humans, walk using just two legs, we don’t even think about it. So I decided to get to know this topic closer.

    • Photo: Alan McGibney

      Alan McGibney answered on 5 Nov 2020:

      I think being around technology (my dad working for apple computers way back) when I was younger pushed me in the direction for my college degree (computer programming).. but when I finished there wasn’t many jobs in that area so I thought furthering my education was a good option at the time, my brother was already doing a PhD so I followed suit and luckily for me it worked out.. and now there is loads of jobs in computer programming 🙂

    • Photo: Danny Hnatyshin

      Danny Hnatyshin answered on 11 Nov 2020:

      I think the natural world inspired me! I have always liked looking at the world, from mountains to forests to fossils to animals. I think its really cool I can try and answer questions about the real world!

    • Photo: Lara Codeca

      Lara Codeca answered on 19 Nov 2020:

      I always knew that I “wanna be a hacker when I grow up”. It was cool! One way or another, I actually kept studying computers made it my trade. And for my research topic, it was a slow discovery process for me. I like complex systems, like our cities. Over time I learned enough to actually start to understand and work with them.