• Question: why do you think it is important or not to develop electronics further

    Asked by adam07 on 25 Nov 2020.
    • Photo: Malgorzata Dabrowska

      Malgorzata Dabrowska answered on 25 Nov 2020:

      Hi Adam07,

      It is very important because it can help us in daily life. But also, as a scientist I see so many benefits. New technologies are always very welcome, because they can improve a lot the way experiments are being conducted. That can lead to obtaining new data, which were never found before, and thanks to it create a new discoveries, etc.

    • Photo: Liudmila Khokhlova

      Liudmila Khokhlova answered on 25 Nov 2020:

      Sure, I agree with Malgorzata, we’re producing an incredible amount of information that needs to be stored, processed and transmitted quickly, we want out batteries to last longer and do our calculations faster. New technologies are always emerging and they demand more from electronics. Moreover, there’re still quite a few problems that people need to address in electronics: first is an environmental impact, electronic devices are short-lived and it’s hard to recycle them. Energy efficiency is another concern considering global issues with energy-consuming and climate.